Library Rules of Conduct

We welcome and encourage your use of the Burbank Public Library. In order to maintain the Library's peaceful atmosphere, facilitate Library usage, preserve easy access to Library materials, and protect Library property, we ask that you observe the Library’s Rules of Conduct.

The following are prohibited at the Burbank Public Library:

    1. Engaging in any activity prohibited by law;
    2. Disturbing, disruptive, or unsafe behavior, including any conduct that interferes with the use of the Library by others or with the functioning of Library staff.  Persons who continue to create a disturbance will be required to leave the Library.  Examples include:
      • Talking loudly or in a manner that disturbs others;
      • Talking on cellular phones. Ringers must be set to the “vibrate” setting;
      • The use of electronic devices such as radios, music players, video games and computers without headphones. The volume must be inaudible to others. Laptops may be plugged into approved library electrical outlets only;
      • Roller skating or riding scooters, skateboards, etc. These may not be ridden in the Library or on Library property;
      • Bringing a bicycle or shopping cart into the library;
      • Running;
      • Loitering or bathing in Library restrooms.
    3. Use of loud, abusive or threatening language;
    4. Threatening or harassing behavior (including, but not limited to, battery, verbal threats, stalking, offensive staring, gestures or touching);
    5. Leaving the Library with materials that have not been checked out. Patrons who trigger the anti-theft detection system may be required to open bags, purses, or allow strollers to be inspected;
    6. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, spitting and/or smoking inside the Library building. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside the Library building (BMC Section 17.708).  Sealed and spill-proof containers are permitted.  Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at all times;
    7. Altering computer software or hardware. Persons engaging in this activity will have their library and/or internet privileges revoked;
    8. Sleeping in the Library;
    9. Conducting business, including tutoring for a fee (BMC 3-3-801.1);
    10. Selling, panhandling or soliciting in the Library building, on the grounds or in the parking lot (BMC Section 5-801.1; Penal Code Section 647(c));
    11. Damaging Library property. Persons caught breaking, defacing, or destroying Library property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Library property includes books, magazines, newspapers, furnishings and equipment.  Parent(s) or guardian(s) of a minor shall be liable for all damages. (Penal Code Section 594; California Education Code Chapter 11, Section 19910).
    12. Persons using internet computers must have their own cards with internet access privileges, and must abide by the Library’s Internet Use Policy. Persons found using card numbers that do not belong to them may have their internet privileges revoked. There is a maximum of two persons per computer station per session, at the Library’s discretion.
    13. Chairs may not be added to tables and tables may not be moved.  Library staff may assign tables, if necessary.
    14. Animals are not allowed in the library, with the exception of service animals as defined by the ADA. The owner must be in full control of the animal at all times.
    15. Use of the Children’s Room is limited to children through the 8th grade, adults accompanying those children, and to adults using the children’s collection.
    16. All children age nine or younger shall be attended and adequately supervised at all times by a parent or other responsible caregiver age 14 or older.  See Policy on Unattended Children.
    17. Use of the Teen Scene area of the Library is limited to teens between the ages of 12 and 19, and to adults using the teen collection.
    18. Persons exhibiting offensive odor due to poor personal hygiene or to other factors including but not limited to overpowering perfume or cologne that is offensive to others may be asked to leave the library until the condition is remedied. Shirts and shoes are required.
    19. Library entrances, exits, aisles or passageways may not be obstructed by persons or their belongings.
    20. Personal belongings may not be left unattended.  Unattended items will be removed. 
    21. The number of bags a person may bring into the Library building is limited to what one person can carry on his/her person and stow under a chair out of the pathway of Library users.
    22. The following items are prohibited:
  • Weapons
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Illegal Substances


Any violation of these Library rules or the commission of other Illegal conduct in the Library may be addressed in the following manner:

  1. Verbal Warning (e.g. notification of violation and reference to Rules of Conduct);
  2. Instruction to leave the Library immediately and not to return to any Burbank Public Library facility for the rest of the day;
  3. Suspension of Library privileges including removal from, and denial of access to, all Library services and facilities for a period to be determined. Suspension periods may be one day, seven days, 30 days, six months, or one year. Guardians of minors may be notified;
  4. Permanent Revocation of Library privileges;
  5. Criminal sanctions.

The above remedies may be cumulatively applied.

Appeal of Suspension. Anyone who has been suspended from library use may challenge the suspension. To request a review of the suspension:

Submit a statement including the reasons for requesting an appeal. Sign, date, provide contact information, and deliver it to the Library Services Director within seven days of the start of the suspension. The written appeal will be reviewed by the Library Director or his/her designee within 30 business days of the receipt of the request. The suspension will remain in effect during the appeal process. The Library Director’s decision is final.

If you have a question regarding these rules, please ask at the Reference Desk.   

The Library reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

 Rev. October 2011 and approved by the Board of Library Trustees October 12, 2011.