Service hours at the library

The Burbank Public Library accepts teen volunteers who wish to complete service hours for school or community service. Each of our three branches has different needs, and therefore a slightly different procedure and volunteer application, so be sure you choose the one for the branch where you would like to do your service hours. There are some requirements in common, however:

  1. Teens must be 14 years of age or older.
  2. We will not accept teens as volunteers based on a phone call or email from a teen (or from a parent). Teens must fill out an application (see pdfs to download below) and turn it in at the Reference Desk at the appropriate library. Our teen librarians will email you to schedule you for orientation.
  3. We will accept teens for 10 hours at the Central Library and the Northwest branch, but teens who volunteer at the Buena Vista branch are required to commit to 14 hours or more. This is due to the nature of the tasks performed, which require special training.
  4. Service hours are designed to emulate the responsibility and commitment of working at a job, as well as to benefit the nonprofit organization for which you are working. By accepting a position as a volunteer at the library, you are agreeing to show up for your shift, notify us if you can't, and to act appropriately while working with us. Behavior not conforming with these expectations may result in dismissal.

We cannot accommodate court-ordered probation hours; please contact Chuck Bishop in Management Services, at 818 238-5340 for a list of suggestions.

At the Central Library, teens are required to attend an orientationfill out an application, and commit to a specific six-week session, so planning ahead is crucial! The procedure is similar at the Buena Vista Library. There is no orientation or specific session at the Northwest Library, but you do need to fill out an application and submit it.

Please note that a turned-in application does not guarantee you a volunteer position at the library. We have limited spaces to fill, so do continue your search for volunteer opportunities elsewhere! For a list of additional volunteer sites for teens in the City of Burbank, please download the Service Learning Sites pdf below. 

ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY: If you like to read and like to write, you can also WRITE BOOK REVIEWS FOR OUR BLOG. One hour of volunteer credit is given for each review, but you must write your review using our guidelines. Go to and click on the "Book Review Guidelines" tab, or download the Book Review Guidelines pdf below. You submit your reviews by email.

If you are unable to find somewhere to volunteer from the Service Learning Sites list, you can also check for opportunities in Burbank on Volunteer Match. Please be aware that you need to sort by city, and also specify age group (teens) to get just those opportunities that are appropriate for you as a teenager.