Teacher Alert!

Reading Lists for Grades 6-12

If teachers will inform the teen librarians of upcoming reading lists for their classes, extra copies of the required or suggested books will (if possible within budgetary constraints) be ordered to accommodate students' needs. All libraries have within their teen sections an area called "Young Adult Paperback Classics," in which multiple paperback copies of the classics plus required reading list books can be found.

Project Notification for Grades 6-12

Teachers can save time and frustration by notifying the Burbank Public Library in advance of upcoming projects and assignments. Please email the teen librarian at melliott@burbankca.gov with the following details: Teacher's name, school, grade, telephone number, and a brief description of the project with any specific research requirements, plus start and end dates of the assignment.

Class Visits and Book-talking

Class visits by the teen librarians to the schools (information literacy or book-talking sessions) may be arranged by appointment. Likewise, teachers who bring their classes to the library for a work-study session will benefit by notifying teen librarians ahead of time so that they can be available to work with students. Please call (818) 238-5589 or email melliott@burbankca.gov.